MusicRookie Vpop Idol Xuan Tai Released Debut Song “7 Ty Nguoi” With Participation of Other Idols

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ACY Xuân Tài is a young male singer who emerged from writing Vietnamese lyrics for the song “Học Tiếng Mèo Kêu” but was only known as the Vietnamese translator that made him think: “Can I have my own song? Does a song completely belong to me if another artist performed it successfully?”

Therefore, ACY Xuân Tài has released a MV for a song composed by him called “7 Tỷ Người”. As a person who has been forever alone for a long time, ACY Xuân Tài shared that he wanted to make a cute product as if expressing the feelings of guys who only secretly love someone but don’t dare to ask them out.

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In the MV, the male protagonist played by ACY Xuân Tài has a crush on a cute friend in the class and shows everything from public affection to being courageous like a hero to make her impressed. However, the ending of the Vpop MV will be quite unexpected and make many viewers surprised when watching.

7 ty nguoi mv


The MV has the participation of Lynk Lee, Deus, Thuý Kiều, Lan Hương, Jbin, Alan, Trần Lê Đức (Zero 9), Mai Xuân Thứ and Trang Phùng. These are close friends of him who are willing to fly from Hanoi to Saigon to help him. Xuân Tài truly appreciates their support to help him complete this passionate debut product.

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As a young singer who has just started out his career, Xuân Tài honestly shared that the cost of making a MV is too much for him, like making two years to spend and film for two days. Therefore, Xuân Tài did not even dare to tell his parents about the budget for him to make his debut music product. “I hope that the song will be liked by many people so that I can really step into the art, be able to start performing and be more assured to pursue my passion,” he said sincerely.

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When asked if he had any pressure on his debut music product, ACY Xuân Tài frankly said that whether this song is a hit or not, he was still happy to do what he dreamt of.

7 Ty Nguoi:

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