MusicSpaceSpeakers Uplifts Vietnam’s Tourism Industry With “Nhanh Len Nhe!”

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The MV “Nhanh Lên Nhé!” by SpaceSpeakers – a Vietnamese music band was officially launched on the evening of July 11th. The 4-minute 30-second video has received more than 600,000 views on YouTube within a short period.

This MV serves as a transition point for many SpaceSpeakers episodes, showcasing the SpaceSpeakers’s members’ boundless creativity inside this communal space.

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Previously on July 7th, SpaceSpeakers sparked a discussion with just a 10-second teaser when each talent made an appearance in a different scene. These are the 5 SpaceSpeakers members who have never worked together on a project, in addition to MVs with all of the band members. For the first time, Touliver, SOOBIN, Binz, Rhymastic, and SlimV are featured in a music video with only five persons, as opposed to the whole SpaceSpeakers band, in the MV “Nhanh Lên Nhé!”.

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nhanh len nhe soobin

photo: “Nhanh Lên Nhé!” MV

The MV for “Nhanh Lên Nhé!” portrays a different image of Vietnam. In Ha Giang province, to the west of the river, or in the former city of Huế, it is all blue as far as the eye can see. Moreover, the MV’s majestic and poetic depiction of Vietnam is particularly effective at promoting FOMO and making audiences want to travel as soon as possible. It could be said that no matter who is present in the new product, SpaceSpeakers always surprises us with their creative musical thinking and thoughtfulness in each of their products.

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vietnam airlines spacespeakers nhanh len nhe

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photo: “Nhanh Lên Nhé!” MV

The MV’s message is also consistent with the spirit of Vietnam Airlines in its goal of a youthful, modern, dynamic image, and is especially relevant in the period when the aviation industry is gradually recovering.

rhymastic nhanh len nhe

photo: “Nhanh Lên Nhé!” MV

With the number of views increasing by the hour, “Nhanh Lên Nhé!” might just be the beginning of many successful cooperation products of Vietnam Airlines and SpaceSpeakers.

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Nhanh Len Nhe:

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I think this is great. It is a warm way of showing people around the world that Vietnam is a welcoming place. I think a lot of people think Asian countries are put off by visitors. While this is the case for some, most of them especially Vietnam love people enjoying their culture. 


You don’t really see a lot of artists doing this be it for Vietnam or other countries. It honestly makes Vietnam feel more welcoming and friendly. I am shocked not more places do this.


I like how welcoming they are to people wanting to experience their land. Very few countries are this welcoming and love to share their culture. 


It’s great to see how the music industry is helping the Vietnamese tourism industry.

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