MusicSports Cars, Bar Fights and A Love Triangle In Lou Hoang’s “Cam Giac Luc Ay Se Ra Sao?” MV

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After causing a craze at the beginning of the year with the song “Yeu Em Dai Kho”, Lou Hoang quickly returned to continue his blitz on Vpop with a new song on March 27, 2019.

After its release on Zing MP3, “Cam Giac Luc Ay Se Ra Sao?” reached 9 million plays after a week of release and stayed at 4th rank in Zing-chart. From mid-2018 until now, Vietnamese singers making short film music video series have gradually become more popular. Many songs from other artists have become huge hits using the same model such as: “Anh Dang O Dau Day Anh?”, “Em Da Thay Anh Cung Nguoi Ay” (Huong Giang singer), “Roi Bo” and “Chap Nhan” (Hoa Minzy). “Cam Giac Luc Ay Se Ra Sao?” is a composition of OnlyC and Hung Cacao, in which Lou Hoang also participated in writing the lyrics. This song has a lighter and more emotional melody than his previous hit “Yeu Em Dai Kho”.

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The new hit is mostly noticed thanks to the MV being transmitted in the form of a short film lasting more than 12 minutes. The story in the film revolves around the love of three people (Lou Hoang and his friend – Huu Thanh Tung) and a beautiful girl Trinh Thao. Lou Hoang and Trinh Thao loved each other for a long time. However, because of an accident 5 years ago, she can not remember him. Through ups and downs, she finally remembers the old love thanks to the song which the two sang together – “Cam Giac Cua Anh” (Cam Giac Luc Ay Se Ra Sao?)

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The success of the song was thanks to the dramatic MV and storyline. It received a lot of positive feedback from the audience. Undeniably, the acting ability of Lou Hoang in the MV was extremely good. It can be seen that Lou Hoang is increasingly progressing through each of his releases both in singing talent and acting.

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Cam Giac Luc Ay Se Ra Sao?:


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Ms. Linh is beautiful, her MV is as beautiful as hers


Even the behind-the-scenes video is so elaborate


Excellent with this great music and visuals bro!!!!


He is handsome and good at singing


I am usually not a fan of over-the-top music videos like this but they did a great job painting the story and the impact of being in a love triangle. I can appreciate that! 


This is an entertaining music video for sure. I like ones that tell a story and have a bit of action in them. Really enjoyed it. I watched it a number of times already and always spot new things.


It is crazy how they are taking the best from music in the past and keeping it relivent. I feel like this is where pap music in other areas get it wrong. 


Anyone know why Lou Hoang doesn’t come out with new songs anymore?

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