MusicThe New Dou – B Ray Ft. AMEE in “Ex’s Hate Me”

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Following the success of some duets like Phuong Ly and JustaTee (Thang Dien) or BigDaddy and Emily (Muon Ruou To Tinh), B Ray and AMEE is another couple succeeding in coordinating in the first two months in 2019.

“Ex’s Hate Me” has the catchy melody and the unique rap style binding with the sweet voice of AMEE, which helps the song be on the top trending on YouTube recently.

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B Ray in Ex's Hate Me

B Ray in the MV (YouTube)

B Ray is a professional rapper of the Underground Vietnam music scene. He has a skilled rap ability and unique style in uttering words.

B Ray talks about the music he is pursuing, “I am not sure of the sound quality, the attractive Rap voice, or the smooth beat. However, one thing is for certain, when I let you listen to a track of mine, I will do everything I can for you to walk around in my mind, and you will understand everything I thought.”

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AMEE in Ex's Hate Me

AMEE in the MV (YouTube)

AMEE shows her beautiful and sweet voice in the “Ex’s Hate Me” even though the song is mainly Rap and she doesn’t have many chances to show her voice.  She also impresses the audience by her pretty appearance.

AMEE of St. 319

AMEE in the MV (YouTube)

About AMEE (Tran Huyen My), the girl was born in 2000, is a trainee of St.319 Entertainment (an Entertainment Company in Vietnam). She has appeared in several music videos as an actor, most notably “Hongkong1”. With the clear voice, the acting and dancing skills, AMEE is expected to be a promisingly famous singer.

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Ex’s Hate Me:

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