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MusicThe New Trio Manbo, Hieuthuhai and Hurrykng Collab for New Song “Hen Gap Em Duoi Anh Trang”

Quinn1 month ago

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Manbo, Hieuthuhai, Hurrykng, are the three new faces that appeared on the top of the Vietnamese Hip-hop top 100 charts recently.

For those who do not know, Manbo, Hieuthuhai, Hurrykng, and Mike Wong are the four members of GERDNANG.

hen gap em duoi anh trang HURRYKNG HIEUTHUHAI MANBO

credit: “Hẹn Gặp Em Dưới Ánh Trăng” MV

GERDNANG is a Saigon-based rap group attempting to make a reputation for itself through upbeat and uplifting rap songs, a breath of fresh air in the present music market.

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hen gap em duoi anh trang HURRYKNG HIEUTHUHAI MANBO mv

credit: “Hẹn Gặp Em Dưới Ánh Trăng” MV

Those are young and talented newbies that have successfully made their names well-known in the Vietnam music market. They are the very new elements that creating exhilarating moments in the chart, in addition to the well-known singers that are so familiar in the rap music market.

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HURRYKNG HIEUTHUHAI MANBO hen gap em duoi anh trang mv

credit: “Hẹn Gặp Em Dưới Ánh Trăng” MV

Recently, the song “Hẹn Gặp Em Dưới Ánh Trăng” released by the three members of GERDNANG –  HURRYKNG, HIEUTHUHAI, and MANBO.

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HURRYKNG HIEUTHUHAI MANBO - hen gap em duoi anh trang

credit: “Hẹn Gặp Em Dưới Ánh Trăng” MV

The song is the third track from the EP “1-800-LOVE”, a rap/hip-hop anthology that features a total of five tracks with five completely diverse musical colors. The song illustrates the overwhelming sensations of love that are genuinely unleashed in a particular way.

Aside from that, “Hẹn Gặp Em Dưới Ánh Trăng” is a combination of catchy songs resonating on a lively beat. The song garnered an overwhelmingly positive response from fans relatively soon after its debut. “Hẹn Gặp Em Dưới Ánh Trăng” has also taken over the throne of “Tay To” on the Top 100 Vietnamese Hip-hop chart for the week of April 1st.

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Hen Gap Em Duoi Anh Trang: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLmczwDCEZI

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Waking up early in the morning listening to this song has a lot of vitality ☺


I like the direction the music videos have been going lately. It is more about telling a story than just choreographed dancing. I am not sure if this is a trend that will fade out or something that will last. 


Really enjoyed the music video with this one. I was not expecting this when I heard the song prior to seeing the music video. They did a fantastic job!

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