MusicThe “Simple Love” Trio Releases “When You Look at Me” With Obito and Lena Playing the Cute Couple Again

Nhan4 years ago

Recently, Obito and Seachains suddenly released a short teaser video for a new product called “When You Look At Me”. The video clip was just 23 seconds in length but it also made many fans and netizens excited when Obito and Lena continued to play the main couple in this video.

With clear, bright, and dynamic colors, “When You Look At Me” is expected to quickly score in the audience’s eyes on the visuals as well as the catchy melody.

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obito lena when you look at me vpop


This song officially launched on December 23rd, 2019 and shared on Tobiee’s Official YouTube channel. Moreover, this music video is the follow-up to “Simple Love”. It has reached over 5 million views and 118 thousand likes thus far on YouTube. In “When You Look At Me”, Obito and Lena once again made many fans excited when they are continuing to draw a romantic love story. No longer being shy with one another, in “When You Look At Me”, both had sweet moments of dating and having fun together.

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obito lena when you look at me


The MV content is the footage that captures the beautiful moments of the beginning of a love. In the lyrics of this song, it has remarkable verses like “Here we go! I invite you to drink Soju”. Many people consider that this is also a way that bare heart to someone. Besides that, in the beginning, he wanted to release a song called “Soju Love”. However, he had already completely recorded “Simple Love” so he postponed that idea. He also said that he will release “Soju Love” after launching “When You Look At Me”.

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when you look at me obito seachains lena vpop


Moreover, Obito shared that its title is also meaningful and creative. He chose the song name “When You Look At Me” because translated to Vietnamese is “Lúc Anh Nhìn Em”. If you just see the first letter of every word, you get the name “LENA” (the nickname of the main actress).

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seachains when you look at me vpop

Source: “When You Look At Me” music video

Therefore, citizens have guessed that Obito and Lena have a relationship and have shipped them together. They expect that Obito and Lena will improve their relationship in the future instead of just being best friends.

When You Look At Me:


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