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MusicThuong Vo Covers Nhu Viet’s “Em Hua The Nao”

Quinn2 weeks ago

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Thương Võ has achieved some accomplishments in the music scene ever since she started chasing her singing calling. Her most recent work, “Em Nào Có Tội” was holding the top 1 position on #zingchart.

Thương Võ owns three massive music videos: “Em Nào Có Tội” “Sao Ta Ngược Lối” and “Em Hứa Thế Nào”.

Among those, her latest and most successful song is “Em Nào Có Tội”. The MV was filmed in a simple context that Thương Võ was having a meeting with her friends.

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thuong vo nhu viet em hua the nao vpop mv

credit: “Em Hứa Thế Nào” MV

The singer also shared that she wanted to keep the MV as simple as possible. After approximately a month though, “Em Nào Có Tội” had surpassed 5 million views.

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The other two songs covered by Thương Võ, “Sao Ta Ngược Lối” and “Em Hứa Thế Nào” also have comparable numbers of views. Three of the tracks all belong to the sorrowful ballad genre.

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Besides, in March, she even surpassed Quân A.P, Ngô Kiến Huy, Vương Anh Tú on #zingchart thanks to the song “Em Say Rồi. After a day of release on Zing MP3, the song reached the top 1 #zingchart real-time.

For those who do not know, Thương Võ was born in 1992 and studied at the Faculty of Music Education at the Military University of Culture and Arts. She participated in the talent show named “The Voice” in 2015 and then produced many products with great views such as “Tìm Được Một Nửa Hoá Ra Lại Chưa” (14 million views) or the cover video of the song  “Bông Hoa Đẹp Nhất” (11 million views), and “Câu Hẹn Câu Thề” (13 million views).

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Em Hua The Nao: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uC4OGmSw3Fo

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Love listening to you sing ❤ very good and suitable for the mood


Love your voice for a long time looking forward to your rep


You sing so well and full of emotions, always support you


Thuong wu sings so well, everyone likes her voice


Listening to Thuong’s songs is all good


Wow, what a stunning and brilliant cover. She should do a lot more covers, she’s a talent like no other. :) 


@morgan Yup, it’s a fantastic cover by a fantastic and talented artist. Could rival the original if anything. :) 

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