MusicTravel-Inspired Song “Bo Em Vao Balo” by Tan Tran and Producer Freak D Becomes a Big Hit!

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The travel-inspired song “Bỏ Em Vào Balo” by Tân Trần and producer Freak D was tremendously adored by the audience and entered the top 10 #zingchart.

Recently, the song “Bỏ Em Vào Balo” received great love from the audience, setting up for itself an outstanding digital music achievement. After a few days of release, the audio version of this song entered the top 10 #zingchart real-time and remained at 7th place.

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“Bỏ Em Vào Balo” is the expression of someone who was and tired of the hustle and bustle of life in a big city. They want to escape the city, pack their bags and go on a trip with their beloved ones, before returning to the daily routine. The song has a fresh, catchy melody which helps ease the stressful mind during the lockdown in Vietnam these days. Tân Trần intensively utilized a simple singing style, creating a comfortable feeling for listeners.

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In addition to “Bỏ Em Vào Balo”, many other rookies landed in the top 10 #zingchart real-time such as “Sầu Tương Tư” by Nhật Phong and “Yêu Một Người Gian Dối” by Như Việt and Thương Võ. Moreover, there are not many songs that exploit tourism and backpacking themes in the current music market. However, there are still outstanding singles that become big hits and make an impact on the Vpop race such as “Cùng Anh” by Ngoc Dolil, Hagii, STee (top 1 #zingchart 3 weeks, 366 million views on Zing MP3), ” Đi Để Trở Về” by Soobin (top 2 #zingchart, 180 million views on Zing MP3), “Đi cùng Em” by Minh V M4U, Lemon Climb, ACV (top 2 #zingchart, 65 million views on Zing MP3), “Đưa Nhau Đi Trốn” by Black, Linh Fox (top 5 #zingchart).

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Bo Em Vao Balo:

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Someone “put me on a backpack” and travel with me plz kkkk


This is a new jam of mine. Perfect for car rides and flights. I have it on my laptop, phone, and my iPod. I listen to it a few times a week at least!


This song sounds great. I listen to it over and over and never get bored


I like those floating cats and other items in the lyric/audio video. This is a creative and fun way to do it. Most people seem to copy the trends everyone else is doing.

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