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MusicTrong Hieu Plays a Role as a Chef to Gain the Heart of a Female Ballet Dancer in Vpop MV “An Di Cho Suong”

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In Việt Nam, youngsters often share a slogan which is that: the shortest road to the heart of a man is food. This sentence is maybe right in some extent because enjoying food made by a lover is one of the most happiness.

However, in the new MV, a man – Trọng Hiếu singer gains the heart of the female ballet dancer by his food – sausage. On January 10th, 2020 he officially released this MV on the Internet.

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an di cho suong trong hieu mv

(source: YouTube)

In this Vpop MV, Trọng Hiếu indicates that he is an observant person when he can recognize the sadness on the girl’s eyes even though she is always trying to hide it. He also eases her that it is not worth being sad and after that, he uses his food to make her smile.

an di cho suong song vpop mv

(source: YouTube)

Notably, he does not forget saying that: “I am a chef who just serves you”. That is a sweet and lovely sentence, isn’t it?

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an di cho suong trong hieu vpop

(source: YouTube)

After that he and his two friends come to a GYM Center, they dance to catch the attention of this girl. With this consistent effort, this girl finally opens her mind and dances with them.

an di cho suong trong hieu vpop

(source: YouTube)

At the end of this Vpop MV, Trọng Hiếu and this girl seem like a couple and they dance together as if they deeply understand everything each other.

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an di cho suong trong hieu vpop music

(source: YouTube)

“Ăn Đi Cho Sướng” song is performed towards a modern style with the impressive dance, therefore, the listeners feel excited in enjoying this song. After nearly three months publishing this MV, “Ăn Đi Cho Sướng” grabbed over 2 million views and compliments from his fans.

An Di Cho Suong: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZfUVJBA51c


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