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MusicTrung Quan Revives an Old Hit Song of Lam Truong Called “Chieu Vang” for the Film ‘Thang 5 De Danh’

Nhan2 years ago

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Tường Văn composed “Chiều Vắng” for Lam Trường about 20 years ago. Now, it is being covered by Trung Quân in “Tháng 5 Để Dành” OST. Its melody is gentle and its lyrics are meaningful. “Chiều Vắng” promises that it will bring the moment of relaxation to listeners.

“Chiều Vắng” is one of the songs in “Tháng 5 Để Dánh OST. Adapted from the novel called “Ranh Giới”, “Tháng 5 Để Dành” talks about the puppy love between Hiếu and Mai Ngọc from the earliest years of the XXI century. Now, it reaches over 700 thousand views and 5.5 thousand likes on YouTube.

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chieu vang thang 5 de danh

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The MV’s content tells about Hiếu as a high school student who likes literature and composes poems. He is always curious about the vibrant feelings in a love story. Like the guys in his class, he also falls in love with a cute assistant at first sight.

chieu vang vpop

Source: vnmedia.vn

She also mutually falls in love with this guy. However, their innocent puppy love has many problems with their families. However, they persevere through it and can finally come together.

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chieu vang vietnamese pop

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It is undoubtedly true that listeners want to date in their tender days once again when they listen to this song.

chieu vang music video

Source: saostar.vn

The composer wants to convey a message that doesn’t let our tender days disappear so quickly, bringing back beautiful memories when we were in love during our school years. When we remember our memories, we will be happy.

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chieu vang mv

Source: moveek.com

Although this song did not have a very expensive media blitz, the spread of the “Chiều Vắng” song has reigned all over the Vietnamese music market for a long time. Please listen to the song to feel more about the meaning of this song.

Chieu Vang: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfRbIrqJXdE

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