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MusicVP Ba Vuong Drops Bad Boy Image for a Charming One in “Co Qua Nhieu Dieu” With a Message for His Ex

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After the MV “Anh Không Tốt Đâu”, VP Bá Vương continuously released the newest MV named “Có Quá Nhiều Điều” composed and performed by himself.

Previously, the demo of the song had been leaked out and received much positive feedback from netizens on social media.

vp ba vuong co qua nhieu dieu vpop

source: tin247.com

Mentioning the song “Có Quá Nhiều Điều”, VP Bá Vương revealed that the song’s content is based on a true story of himself. It was all about his first love story. Therefore, it took him loads of time to meticulously write its lyrics to convey an accurate sense to audiences. “VP wants to tell people that even when you break up, you two still can be good friends, after all, be positive.” said VP.

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co qua nhieu dieu vp ba vuong

source: tin247.com

As to the MV “Có Quá Nhiều Điều”, apart from writing and performing the song, VP Bá Vương also contributed to the producing process such as brainstorming and content making. He also confessed:

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“I am a workaholic, and I also would love to challenge myself. Besides, I am the one composing the song, hence, I have already envisioned the whole picture of the MV. I could be the only one delivering the song’s spirit in flawlessness. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that my production crew played an indispensable role in this resounding success of the song. I have been so fortunate to work with them in this progress”.

vp ba vuong vpop singer

source: baomoi.com

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Additionally, “Có Quá Nhiều Điều” was filming with the one-shot method, consequently, it required a tense focus during the filming period.

vp ba vuong vpop singer

source: mnewsvn.com

Also, there are a few scenes that VP was acting with a cat, so it was rather challenging for the whole team. “Có Quá Nhiều Điều” MV has reached more than one million views on VP Bá Vương Official YouTube channel. It is said that VP is a breath of fresh air in the Vietnamese music world, he would make a difference sooner or later.

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Co Qua Nhieu Dieu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNev1O-kejY

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