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MusicVpop Cover Singer Huong Ly Officially Debuts Herself With First Music Video “Chang The Noi Ra”

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Hương Ly who is currently the most famous Vpop cover singer in Viet Nam released her first song titled “Chẳng Thể Nói Ra” on August 15th, 2019.

“Chẳng Thể Nói Ra” is a gentle ballad song that was composed by Lai Hoàng. The lyrics revolve around the heartache of a girl who has an unrequited love with a boy. She can only stand from a distance and watch her crush love another girl. She can’t confess her love and can’t go close to him even a second to hold his hand. She also knows that it’s wrong to love him like that but there is no way for this unrequited love to become real love. She is afraid of confessing her emotions since it might hurt him, his girlfriend and herself.

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huong ly first official music video

Source: nhipsongkinhte.ttvn.vn

So, she chooses to stand behind his girlfriend and love him in her own way. The content of this MV was directed by Khắc Phú with a familiar motif. Therein, Hương Ly wears a white áo dài (Vietnamese traditional dress) sitting in a beautiful green scenery, playing piano and telling the story of two young people who are close friends from high school to university.

Source: nhipsongkinhte.ttvn.vn

The girl – Thảo Nguyên has loved the boy – Đức Anh one-sidedly for six years but she is afraid of confessing to him and she thinks he also loves her back. Until graduation day comes, she realized that it’s a misconception that he loves her when she sees him walking away to confess to another girl – Hương Ly. This ending made fans feel very sad since young love is sometimes an infatuation that doesn’t last long.

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chang the noi ra

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Hương Ly collected plenty of cover songs that got millions of views on YouTube because of her sweet and emotional voice. Especially, her cover version of “Sóng Gió” which gained five million views within three days. Her official YouTube channel has 1.8 million followers and she received the gold play button from YouTube.

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huong ly vpop cover singer

Source: nhipsongkinhte.ttvn.vn

“Chẳng Thể Nói Ra” today has 3.7 million views on YouTube and over 10 million listens on Zing Mp3 after a little over half a month. After releasing “Chẳng Thể Nói Ra” on ACV Music’s YouTube channel, she continuously released “Em Vẫn Ổn” five days later on August 20th, 2019 on Yeah1 Music YouTube channel and “Yêu Ai Để Không Phải Khóc” on her YouTube channel on August 31st, 2019.

Chang the Noi Ra: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpY1gkEF020

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