MusicVpop Has a New Bad Boy in Town With Latest MV “Anh Khong Tot Dau” of VP Ba Vuong Ft StillaD Tung Duong

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The song “Anh Không Tốt Đâu” is a remarkable collaboration between VP Bá Vương (the second-best of “THE DEBUT 2018”) and StillaD Tùng Dương (the champion of “THE DEBUT 2018”).

The Vpop music video “Anh Không Tốt Đâu” was released on May 26th 2020 on VP Bá Vương Official’s YouTube Channel. The music video “Anh Không Tốt Đâu” describes the gold digger problem in love.

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vp ba vuong anh khong tot dau vpop artist


In the MV, the main actress is a person who has a passion for material things and is finally disclosed by two bad boys (played by VP Bá Vương and Tùng Dương).


Khi Iron Man và Thanos “hiphop” !!! 😎 #ironman #thanos #vpbavuong #fashion

♬ nhạc nền – VP Bá Vương 🌟 – VP Bá Vương 🌟

Sharing about the decision to choose “Anh Không Tốt Đâu” to make a comeback product: “It can be said that, “Anh Không Tốt Đâu” is the music genre that I am pursuing. Furthermore, this song also gives me confidence and convinces me that I can become an artist, to show the songs that I have composed.

vp ba vuong vpop singer


Besides, in the process that I was taking part in “THE DEBUT” because the time was quite pressing so that I couldn’t make the perfect harmony for this song. Now the crew and I are working together. This song seems like a present to give to relatives and to the audiences who were next to me silently, to support and encourage me when I was taking part in “THE DEBUT” and on the entertainment road in the future”.

vp ba vuong vpop music


Due to the catchy melody combined with an impressive style, the music video “Anh Không Tốt Đâu” received many positive comments from the audiences. The music video “Anh Không Tốt Đâu” currently has over 1.1 million views on YouTube. Let’s enjoy this splendid song like other songs of VP Bá Vương such as “Buồn Là Khi”, “Tôi Đang Chờ Một Cuộc Chia Tay“(Bá Vương, Magda), “Con Không Một Mình” and “Heathens”.

Anh Khong Tot Dau:

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