MusicW/n Releases Third Part of “3107” Featuring Nau, Duongg and Titie

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The third song of W/n in the album “3107”, “3107-3”, was recently released. It has a pleasant melody and covers many of the common sentiments that young people have regarding their prior loves.

In this song, W/n collaborated with two other rappers named Nau and Duongg.

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3107 3 wn nau duongg titie mv

credit: “3107-3” MV

The song “3107-3” has racked up a slew of impressive achievements on major music platforms including 4.5 million YouTube views, No. 1 on Apple Music’s Top 100 chart for Vietnam, No. 1 on Spotify’s Vietnam Top 50 chart, No. 1 on iTunes’ Vietnam singles chart, and No. 2 on YouTube’s Top Trending. Previously, after a year of releasing, “3107” became a huge hit with 55 million views on YouTube.

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3107 3 wn nau duongg titie

credit: “3107-3” MV

Sharing about this special album, W/n said the song is his real story: “3107” was written on July 31st, 2019. On that day, his best friend left Vietnam to pursue her education in the United States. His mood was erratic at the time, and he was grieving the loss of his best friend. When it comes to the song’s title, “3107” represents not only the day he had to say goodbye to his best friend but also the word “LOVE” when reversing it.

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3107 3 wn nau duongg titie vpop mv

credit: “3107-3” MV

W/n shared that when he finished the song, he attempted delivering it to his friend, Duongg, and it turned out to be more suitable for Duongg than he had anticipated. Surprisingly, Nau also wrote a message seeking to join after “3107” was posted looking for a rap voice. That is how they had a chance to work together on this album.

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I’m getting a bo burnham vibe from the video style. Also really love how they put in Pikachu in there. 👍 

Posted by: @nick

I’m getting a bo burnham vibe from the video style. Also really love how they put in Pikachu in there. 👍 

Yes I can see it as well. Really enjoying this new one! 


This song moves my heart. The Vietnamese language is so melodic.

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