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MusicWhen Love Ends in “Va The La Het” of Indie Boyband Chillies

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The boyband consisting of five members released their second song titled “Và Thế Là Hết” on December 24th, 2018 after the good song “Who”. These two Vietnamese songs are audio videos but they quickly captured the love from fans.

Notably, “Và Thế Là Hết” collected 11 million views on YouTube and 1.4 million listens on Soundcloud after seven months of its release. “Và Thế Là Hết” was composed and produced by indie boyband Chillies. They are young talented singers with good voices, the ability to play instruments and compose songs. The melody of this song is gentle and slow with sorrows of an incomplete love.

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Source: soundcloud.com

The lyrics tell the story of a broken love during a sad afternoon as the girl wants to end their love. The guy doesn’t understand why they aren’t close any more like they used to be. They just get cold and one day they realized that their love fades away. They still have many things to say but the chance no longer exists anymore since they let their hands go. In the dream, he dreamed that they have not started this love so that they won’t miss each other. He hopes that tomorrow, they can forget their ex’s name. When listening to this song, fans could feel the regrets in each word of these singers for their broken love. Moreover, this song got sympathy from listeners to make them listen on repeat. Maybe many people find themselves in this song too since breakup surely happens to everyone at least once.

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Source: soundcloud.com

There are many reasons for a breakup that make people feel uncomfortable. Breakup with no reason also because of the reminiscing about sweet memories in the past and the regrets for the things that they can do to improve their relationship. “Và Thế Là Hết” is the song that received the greatest views on YouTube of Chillies until now. Despite it is just an audio video with the background being the photo of the five members crossing a road.

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Source: YouTube

There were many compliments for “Và Thế Là Hết” MV on their official YouTube channel from music lovers. They also mentioned other good songs of this boyband such as “Who”, “Nếu Ngày Mai Không Đến”, “Những Con Đường Song Song” and “Thưa Mẹ Con Đi”. Netizens hope this band will continue to develop more in their singing career and release more wonderful songs as they did in the past.

Va the La Het: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilB9h1pfjc8


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