MusicYen Tatoo Teams up With Masew to Release Official MV of “Ai No”

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Recently, Masew’s “Ái Nộ” had received more than 1 million views and reached the top 3 trending on YouTube within only four days after its release. The video on YouTube currently has over 16 million views.

It is not the first time Masew has achieved such a remarkable achievement. The song “Ái Nộ” combines ethnic and electronic elements. More recently, Yến Tatoo released the official MV for “Ái Nộ” as the vocalist on November 5th.

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The integrated melodious sounds of the tune make listeners feel both modern and emotionally intimate. “Ái Nộ” garnered a lot of great feedback and a lot of compliments from listeners promptly after it was released.

yen tatoo ai no vpop

credit: “Ái Nộ” MV

Masew also revealed a few lines of his new products at the end of the song “Ai Nộ” belonging to the upcoming track “Mời Trầu”.

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That makes his fans excitedly anticipate for the launch of his new songs as well as his upcoming projects in this new album.

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yen tatoo ai no edm mv

credit: “Ái Nộ” MV

When it comes to the message of the song “Ái Nộ”, listeners will undoubtedly know it after hearing every word of the lyrics. The song narrates the story of a young man’s romantic relationship.

His girlfriend deceives him with seductive promises, and she uses poetic phrases to defend her mistakes. Until one day, when the tears were too much to bear, the man could not contain his frustrations any longer.

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yen tatoo ai no masew vpop edm

credit: “Ái Nộ” MV

Masew also shared that owing to the complicated development of the pandemic, he was not able to execute the filming process. Therefore, “Ái Nộ” is now only a lyric video, which he hopes the audience will understand for such a situation.

Ai No:

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Wow, I cannot stop listening to this song. Found out about it the other day and have had it repeating in my playlists. 


A passionate voice of a new generation. She’s such a powerful talent. 


I love her voice and it is easy to see why she hit trending so fast. I am not sure if they do anything to her voice to enhance it but it doesn’t sound like anyone else’s out there. 


@homeg1rl for sure, her talents alone skyrocketed her up to trending so fast. I hope this song stays trending for a while to come. 


The voice is quite special, so when combined with this song, it sounds more like a ghost. Overall very good