Music“Yeu Em Phai Noi” a Love Story Performed by Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc Featuring Addy Tran

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Recently, Ninh Dương Lan Ngọc, a versatile artist in Vietnam, has officially released the new MV “Yêu Em Phải Nói”. This is the third music production launched since she started encroaching upon the side of the Vietnamese music world.

Within two days, the MV garnered many of support and love from the Vietnamese music lover community, hence, “Yêu Em Phải Nói” gained over nine million views along with tens of thousands of compliments from the audiences.

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yeu em phai noi ninh duong lan ngoc vpop news

source: “Yeu Em Phai Noi” MV

Besides, the MV inadvertently sat on top 5 of YouTube trending. Up to now, the view has gone across 11.7 million which is incredibly amazing to such an amateur singer as Ninh Dương Lan Ngọc. If you are a Vietnamese music aficionado, you may realize the first 10 seconds that “Yêu Em Phải Nói” was made on the background music of the song “Simple Love” (Obito x Seachains x Davis x Lena with 70M views on YouTube).

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yeu em phai noi ninh duong lan ngoc addy tran

source: “Yeu Em Phai Noi” MV

Belonging to the hip-hop music genre, “Simple Love” can capture people’s attention by its likable, jubilant tune. It can be said that the resounding success of the song “Simple Love” also had a tremendous impact on the popularity of the song “Yêu Em Phải Nói”. Additionally, the name Ninh Dương Lan Ngọc, best-selling name in the film industry, also contributed to selling the song itself.

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yeu em phai noi ninh duong lan ngoc addy tran vpop music

source: “Yeu Em Phai Noi” MV

The content of “Yêu Em Phải Nói” revolves around a full-flavored love story of Lan Ngọc and her next-door neighbor. Lan Ngọc falls in love with him at first sight and she contemplates a thousand ways to win his heart. The song’s lyrics is a dozen sweet words to indirectly confess her feelings to the guy which are extremely adorable.

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yeu em phai noi ninh duong lan ngoc addy tran vpop mv

source: “Yeu Em Phai Noi” MV

Although Ninh Dương Lan Ngọc is not a professional vocalist, she always strives to enrich the entertaining world by producing such amusing music videos like the song “Yêu Em Phải Nói” and “Gái Già Muốn Lấy Chồng”.

Yeu Em Phai Noi:

Yeu Em Phai Noi (Live):

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