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MusicYoung Male Artist Tang Duy Tan Releases “Da Vu” Starring Gorgeous Model Phan Doan Van Anh

Quinn3 weeks ago

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“Dạ Vũ” a new song by Tăng Duy Tân, a young male artist, has officially been released recently. Even before its MV was launched, the audio “Dạ Vũ” made history by becoming the most popular new music video on TikTok.

The MV has achieved approximately 120,000 views in only two days and has earned a lot of favorable feedback from the online community.

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tang duy tan da vu vpop mv

credit: “Dạ Vũ” MV

Tăng Duy Tân, who has a string of massive hits, including “Tình Đầu” “05 Không Phai” and most recently “Ngây Thơ” a collaboration with singer Phong Max, has once again proved his vocal mastery with the song “Dạ Vũ”.

tang duy tan da vu mv

credit: “Dạ Vũ” MV

The whistling melody and meaningful lyrics are also very much loved by his fans. Besides, the MV “Dạ Vũ” is a high-quality product that features a versatile and exciting modern dance performance.

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da vu tang duy tan

credit: “Dạ Vũ” MV

Speaking of the MV “Dạ Vũ”, Tăng Duy Tân shared that: “It is a product that I am incredibly enthusiastic about and have dedicated a lot of time to. Therefore, I expect that the song would be positively received by the masses. It can be considered a spiritual gift for everyone to entertain people amid the complicated COVID-19 situation in Vietnam at the moment”.

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tang duy tan da vu vpop music

credit: “Dạ Vũ” MV

The MV has already garnered more than 3.6M views on YouTube. Tăng Duy Tân‘s YouTube channel is currently part of METUB. Currently, the channel has 96.9 thousand subscribers and approximately 35 million views across all of its videos.

Da Vu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1So7VBehCQg

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Listen to a piece on TikTok, then listen to the FULL version, oh well, it’s so cool, it’s so chill, I’m addicted, listen to “Ngây Thơ” a few times and then I’ll listen to”Dạ Vũ” and listen to it again. oh wowwww


Wow the music video itself is a work of art. The song is lovely as well. They both look like dolls. I can’t get over how beautiful they both are. 


I’m in love with this song, really is something unique and special. The music video is fantastic as well! 

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