MusicYoung Talent Nhat Phong Slays Vietnamese Music Charts With New Song “So Phai Ket Thuc”

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A young talented vocalist, Nhật Phong, has usurped the throne of Thanh Hưng on #Zingchart with the song “Sợ Phải Kết Thúc”.

Nhật Phong, (born Nguyễn Thế Bình, 1992), is a Vietnamese male singer. He acquired the reputation for a myriad of big hits such as “Tướng Quân”- 165 million views (top5 #zingchart) and “Thằng hầu”- 110 million views.

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On March 28th, Nhật Phong officially released a new song named “Sợ Phải Kết Thúc” and shared that this is the second production composed by himself in 2020. It should come as no surprise that the song belongs to the ballad music genre which is inherently the forte of this talented vocalist.

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Earlier, a ballad song “Yêu Một Người Tổn Thương” also used to be all the rage, and rule over the Vietnamese music charts. In this production, Nhật Phong and his production crew decided to invest in a story-telling Vpop MV, which is one of the latest music trends that most of the Vietnamese artists are realizing in making their MVs.

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nhat phong so phai ket thuc vpop mv


The images of MV “Sợ Phải Kết Thúc” and content were tremendously polished and focused by Bình Định containing many plot twists and drama promising to bring up an excellent production to live up the audience’s expectations. Besides, it is said that the content is full of cliff-hangers and ends up with a tragic closure. Yet, Nhật Phong once shared that this MV is going to be continued with part two keeping the audiences in suspense.

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Additionally, the lyric tells a story about the conception of a guy after a post-breakup. They are still very in love, but because of the disagreement of her family, the relationship is forced to end.

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so phai ket thuc nhat phong


Many people are interested in the song because they empathized with the solitude that exists in this rocky relationship. Within 51 seconds since the demo of the song “Sợ Phải Kết Thúc” has been released, it gained one million views along with thousands of shares on Facebook.

So Phai Ket Thuc:

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