MusicYuniBoo’s Wedding Song “Cuoi Luon Duoc Khong?” Surpasses Many Big Hits in Vpop

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The trend of wedding music continues to heat up with YuniBoo and Goctoi Mixer’s rap song “Cưới Luôn Được Không?” The song also entered the top 10 #zingchart real-time.

Rapper YuniBoo is the owner of many songs with outstanding digital music achievements such as “Đoá Quỳnh Lan” (ranked at 16th #zingchart weekly, 49 million views on Zing MP3), “Kết Duyên” (ranked at 25th, 38 million views), “Bạn Tình Ơi 2” (17th place, 32 million views).

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She was also nominated for the top 5 Discovery of the Year at the Zing Music Awards (ZMA) 2020. YuniBoo and Goctoi Mixer have officially released the product “Cưới Luôn Được Không”. The song held 8th place #zingchart real-time, reaching one million views on Zing MP3.

The song’s plot centers around a Vietnamese couple from the west of Vietnam proposing to marry. They want to be happy together until the end of their lives and have a large number of children. YuniBoo’s rapid, snappy beat is appealing to listeners, as is her rustic, rural rap style. Many visuals of the countryside are included in the lyrics, which serves to create a sense of familiar connection to the audience.

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Apart from the wedding song “Cưới Luôn Được Không”, the trend has been followed up by a series of wedding-themed singles launched on the Vietnamese music market recently such as “Rồi Tới Luôn” (top 1 #zingchart 6 weeks), “Yêu Là Cưới” (top 1 in 2 weeks), “Thương Nhau Tới Bến” (top 5), and “Túp Liều Vàng” (top 6).

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Cuoi Luon Duoc Khong:


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It is catchy so I am not surprised. I wonder if people started using it on Tiktok. It seems like songs blow up out of nowhere from people sampling songs on there. 


Wow I did not know this song is so good


The song is really good. This song will be a masterpiece again during the epidemic season