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If you’re looking for a unique and beautiful experience, a trip to one of Saigon’s flower markets is a must. Here you can find all sorts of fresh flowers and plants, from orchids and roses to bonsai trees and lotus blossoms. There’s something special about browsing through these markets, taking in the vibrant colors and fragrances, and finding the perfect blooms to take home with you.

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What are Saigon’s flower markets like?

Saigon’s flower markets are vibrant and bustling places, full of color and life. You can find all sorts of fresh flowers and plants at these markets, from orchids and roses to bonsai trees and lotus blossoms. Locals and tourists alike enjoy browsing through the markets, taking in the sights and smells of the different flowers and plants.

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What types of flowers and plants can you find at these markets?

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Almost any type of flower or plant can be found at a Saigon flower market. Whether you’re looking for a particular type of flower or just want to browse through the different options, you’re sure to find something that catches your eye.

How do locals and tourists alike enjoy these markets?

Locals and tourists alike enjoy browsing through the different stalls at Saigon’s flower markets. You can take your time to smell and examine the different flowers and plants on offer, and chat with the stall owners to learn more about them. Many people also enjoy bargaining for a better price on the flowers and plants they’re interested in.

Why is a visit to a Saigon flower market a must for anyone visiting the city?

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A visit to a Saigon flower market is a unique and memorable experience. Not only can you find all sorts of beautiful flowers and plants, but you can also learn about the different types of plants and how they’re used in Vietnamese culture. even if you don’t end up buying anything, a visit to one of these markets is sure to be a highlight of your trip to Saigon.

Here are a few of our favorite flower markets in Saigon:

  1. Binh Tay Market: This market is located in Cho Lon, Saigon’s Chinatown district. It’s one of the largest flower markets in the city, and it’s a great place to find a wide variety of flowers and plants.
  2. Dai Nam Park: This park is located just outside of Saigon, and it’s home to a large flower market. You can find all sorts of blooms here, from roses and orchids to bonsai trees.
  3. Flower Street: This street is located in District 1, and it’s lined with stalls selling all sorts of flowers and plants. This is a great place to find fresh flowers for your hotel room or apartment.
  4. Nguyen Binh Khiem Flower Market: This market is located in District 1, and it’s known for its wide selection of roses. If you’re looking for a romantic gesture, this is the place to find red roses for your loved one.No matter which market you visit, you’re sure to be impressed by the variety and beauty of the flowers on display. So make sure to add a visit to one of these markets to your list of things to do in Saigon.
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I have never been to a flower market anywhere in Vietnam. I couldn’t even tell you what they were about or what they were for, outside of selling flowers. What is the drawing factor for wanting to go to a place like this? 


I love the flower markets in Saigon. They’re a great place to find unique gifts for friends and family.


Perfect! I have been looking for a list and some recommendations on where to find these. I want to make sure I have a few picked out for my next trip. I love visiting flower markets and garden stores in other countries. 


Great article. My sister had mentioned wanting to go to one of these flower markets before. I had never gone to one myself. We should make a point to check one out in Vietnam next time we visit. 


I am not someone who is into flowers at all but the flower markets in Vietnam and other Asian countries even are fantastic. There is just so much to look at and the different smells are nice.


I never really thought to go to a flower market. I don’t think I ever even heard of it being a thing in Vietnam but surely I must have passed a few on my stays. I will have to check one out on my next visit from your recommendations.


I love this article. I was just in Saigon last year, and I was so excited to see all of the flower markets! They were so beautiful!

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