5 Reasons Why Vietnamese Pop Music Is Taking Over the World

vietnamese pop concert

Photo by Tony Pham on Unsplash

Vietnamese pop music is taking over the world, and I am not just talking about in Vietnam. The genre has been growing in popularity for years outside of Vietnamese borders, but it seems to have reached a tipping point recently. What are some reasons why V-pop is so popular? Here are 5 reasons why Vpop music is taking over the world!

  • It is upbeat and catchy.
  • The lyrics are meaningful and touching!
  • The songs are fun for both men and women to sing along with, which makes them great karaoke songs.
  • There are a lot of different artists out there, so it’s easy to find your favorite singers or groups.
  • It has something for everyone: ballads, dance music, hip hop…the list goes on! Vpop music videos have helped promote Vietnamese culture around the world.


Photo by Tony Pham on Unsplash

The Vietnamese pop music industry is different in style and content than its counterparts.

Vietnamese singers are not always required to sing both nhac vang (classical-style songs) or nhac tre em (pop-style songs). Popular artists in Vietnam usually do not have the time, money, or interest necessary to learn how to play traditional instruments well enough for use during performances. Therefore, they mostly incorporate Western sounding elements into their music while still using some Asian instruments such as drums, guitars, basses or synthesizers. One popular music genre that is taking V-pop to the next level is Lo-fi.

Common Instruments used: Piano, Synthesizer drum machine etc. Instrumental solos can be found throughout many modern Vpop tracks from a wide range of genres including ballads and rock.

T-ara is a Korean idol girl group that has been popular worldwide, and they released their first Vietnamese album called “Ngay Nao Cho Dem”(Today I Will Give It To You) in Vietnam on August 15th 2016.

In the past, their company also held several concerts for T-ara fans to get to know the Vietnamese culture and language better while they were here. They aim to become a self-sufficient unit in Asia before branching out into other countries such as Japan, China, Thailand and even North America or Europe.

vietnamese pop music

Photo by Tony Pham on Unsplash

Today, we will discuss about Vpop and why it is gaining much popularity than before.

We can also say that Vietnamese pop music was just a local phenomenon but now this culture has become popular around Asia as well as in many western countries too!

  • Vpop is an abbreviation for Vietnamese pop music which has gained high prominence among all genres of music such as rock n roll or hip hop. It mainly originated from South Vietnam during 1960s till 1975 after which it expanded its reach to other parts of world like Australia, United States and Canada etc. where people used to listen to these songs through MTV Asia channel. Later on, with the emergence of technology and internet revolution; YouTube became one more source where they could listen to the Vpop songs.
  • It is important for us to know that these Vietnamese pop music was written keeping in mind western standards and it has its roots from Euro disco, Latin dance or even American dance/disco etc. This means; like other forms of world’s popular music genres such as rock n roll, hip hop or rap, Vpop also has a unique style which separates itself from traditional karaoke audio with hard drum beats along with synthesizer keyboard riffs too!

In this way through V-pop, one can enjoy their favorite lines sung by many singers who have gained popularity worldwide just because of their amazing voice quality and musical talent combined with catchy tunes that stays stuck on your mind once heard after coming back home from office, college or school.