NewsWill Hoang Bach Comeback With His Old Boy Band AC&M or Form a New Band in “Cham Vao Vinh Quang”?

Nhu4 years ago

If you are a Vpop fan, perhaps you know Hoàng Bách. He is not only a singer but also a talented songwriter. He has contributed to Vpop with a large number of songs throughout his 20-year career.

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But the most recent song of his which was released in 2018 is “Mình Già Đi Cùng Nhau”. After one year, he posted a teaser of a new song written by himself named “Chạm Vào Vinh Quang”.

cham vao vinh quang vpop teaser

The teaser of his new song “Chạm Vào Vinh Quang”

In the teaser, as you can see, he makes people curious about the boys who will support him in the new song. Who are the boys? They are the old boy-band AC&M of Hoàng Bách or a new band?

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Shared with the press, he said: “This product is the “firecrackers” that pave the way for the long-term project series that will soon be released by me at the appropriate time. And it will be a time to mark a new version of Hoàng Bách with more inspiring, more proactive and harder work with my passion”. In the teaser of this song, there are words that we can notice: “Back 20”. Perhaps, this project will be a milestone of 20 years in his music career.

hoang bach vietnam music

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Hoàng Bách (source:

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On another hand, Hoàng Bách said that he wants the audience to see a younger version of him and he can bring positive thinking and spirit through his products. So, “Back 20” means the age of adventure and not being afraid of challenges. And this spirit will carry along with his products in the future.

About this band, he said that “There is a good chance to sing with a band. Because when he sings with his friends on the stage, he can see the feeling of other members, each member will share their memorable spirits and feelings. Besides, the live band will make the singer have more emotions when performing.”

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hoang bach vpop singer

Hoàng Bách (source:

On November 12th, 2019, the MV of “Chạm Vào Vinh Quang” was released. Finally, Hoàng Bách formed a new band called “BACH20 Band” that including drummer Trần Hậu, percussion Bỉnh Khôi, guitarist Khương An, bass player Kevin, pianist Thanh Tâm and vocalist Hoàng Bách. This song is written by Hoàng Bách and rap lyrics is written by both Hoàng Bách, Hà Lê and Thanh Tâm. This MV marks the comeback of Hoàng Bách after more than a year.

Cham Vao Vinh Quang:

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