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I am not sure if a game like this exists but I kind of just thought of it.

So I will start by picking a color and the next person to post will post something they see in their room that is that color. It is easy enough I think. They will then suggest the next color for the next person.

The starting color is : TEAL

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I have a teal hoodie in my room. That counts right? 


Next color is: Red


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Looking around me, I honestly don't see anything red! Must not be a fan of the color though ironically enough, I am wearing a sweater with red on it. 

Next color... Let's go yellow!

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I actually have a number of options. I didn't realize I had this much yellow in my dining space. I am on my laptop at my dining table. I will go with a yellow picture frame. My sister gave it to me for my birthday a few years ago. We are in the picture together. 

EDIT: I forgot to put a color myself!

Uhh, let's do PINK.


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