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The Who would win i...

The Who would win in a fight game  

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Lets keep this topic as PG as possible, but lets pit people against one another. It can be anyone famous. You list two people and the person to respond picks their choice, then they list another set of challengers. People can be repeated, but as long as they are against someone different. Anyway, it can be make believe characters, real life figures, or celebrities. 

I'll begin:


Batman Vs. Iron Man

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I gotta say Batman, because he's cooler and I think he'd find a way to outwit Ironman in some way. But I could be wrong. Anyway, here are my picks. 

Spider-man vs. The Hulk

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Spider-Man for sure. Hulk is cool, but I don't think he can best Spiderman. 

John Wick VS Bruce Lee


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