Anyone here use Ins...

Anyone here use Instagram reels?  

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I've become addicted to Instagram reels. I know they're trying to compete with tiktok, but I like it. Do any of you make your own reels?

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I haven't tried it yet but I am trying to get away from TikTok. I spend too much time looking at videos on there. I have made a couple but I would like to condense my social media apps back down to just having 2 or 3 again. 

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I only just started to. I am trying to figure it out! I like that they are competing with TikTok but I feel like at this point, no one is going to overtake that platform. It has made a lot of young people very rich and that alone drives people to use the app. 

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They confuse me! I was trying to make use of mine and I feel like they are still working out the kinks. I do enjoy watching other people's reels though. I might make better use of them in the future. 


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