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Clothes shopping - Deals or not deals?  

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I prefer to get higher quality clothing and designer labels so I will shop clearance and markdowns just so I am not spending too much on the items. I will often find a designer blazer, for example, for up to 80% off. I could shop cheaper but I don't like how clothing doesn't last when it is cheaper. I will also hit up thrift shops looking for pieces that are gently used or remade. 

Do you shop deals on more expensive clothing or pay full price? 

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I always love to shop when I can find a good deal. I know what you are saying. Like a lot of the more expensive clothing is not worth it at full price. I often shop for clearance and love to go on deal and bargain hunts! 

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I love finding a good deal but I will not shy away from paying full price if it is something I really want. I will only buy expensive items full price from specific brands though because I love the quality and how they fit my body.

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To be honest I don't know how to bargain about the price. But I will choose a shop have a good prices but qualify is also good. And if I really want something, I can pay it with a full price 

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I am more likely to spend my money on something if I am buying it at a savings. I like having nice clothing but I would rather have less and take care of it than buy it in excess for full price!

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Unfortunately, not everyone can distinguish a high-quality, necessary, and well-fitting thing from one that is better not to buy.

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I just buy whatever I can afford. I don't tend to look for brands or deals but if I happen on a good deal, I am happy with it. I go for comfort more than anything. 


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