Do you believe in m...

Do you believe in marriage, or prefer not putting a ring on it?  

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I want to get married one of these days, but haven't found the right woman just yet. But I'm not really sure about marriage. I want to get married to the woman I love, but idk if we need to get married to confess our love for one another. I feel living as boyfriend and girlfriend is enough for me. But if she wants marriage, I will for sure do it. 

Anyway, what is your views on marriage?

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In my ages, I feel really afraid of marriage. And I don't feel much believe in it, but it's just my thoughts now. I hope 2-3y later I can meet a man who really love me and wanna spend his life to stay with me and take care of me. Im sure I'll do the same for him. 

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I think marriage is a beautiful thing but only when the people who marry are right for each other. I think there is a good match for everyone out there but I understand why some people do not want to get married. 

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man don't arbitrarily say he wants to get married when he is not ready and confident enough to take care of someone's life, please don't joke around because marriage is very sacred and no one wants to joke about it.

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Marriage is something that I think should be held to a higher standard today. I am all for people choosing to not get married, that is your choice but don't get married and think you can just float in and out of marriages like it is nothing.


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