Do you celebrate Ha...

Do you celebrate Halloween?  

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It is just over a month away. Time really flies!

Do you celebrate this holiday or is it something you skip? I like to dress up every year. Even if I don't go to a party or anything, it is a fun excuse to wear kitty ears and extra make-up! 

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No actually I don't. I'd like to ride around the city or just have dinner with friends that night, seeing people dress up....or sometimes I just stay at home, do extra makeup and take photos kkk

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I haven't bothered with it in a while. I understand why people like to enjoy themselves on the holiday though. I am not a drinker and most adult gatherings deal with drinking and partying, not my kind of idea of a fun pass time!

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No, it really is not for me. If I want to dress up, I just do it. I also do not eat many sweets so it makes little sense for me to enjoy a holiday like this. I know some people who do but like I said, not for me!


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