Do you ever run thr...

Do you ever run through your phone storage?  

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Do you ever run out of stone storage on your phone? Each phone I have owned, I run through the storage pretty fast. I have photos and videos from past phones that I move over to each new phone. Have you ever done that? 

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I like to take pictures and videos of interesting things around life. so the phone's memory is not enough to hold them. I usually buy hardware to store them and be more secure. you can try it out

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I make a point to save all my photos and delete most of them from my phone. I never had an issue with missing out on storage this way. I think the closest I have come was maybe like 50% of my storage.

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I never have had an issue with it but I don't do much on my phone. I have a camera that takes better pics and video than my current phone so I seldom use it for either of those things. I also don't download many apps. 


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