Do you find social ...

Do you find social media to be toxic?  

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I don't spend much time on it these days but I noticed in the recent months when I was on them more, people are being downright nasty to each other. It is over such silly things too. Like whatever happened to agree to disagree and separating people from politics, and all that? I feel like no one wants to be civil online anymore. Well, outside of forum spaces like this one. I am happy to have found this place and a few others. 

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Yes and no. I think it depends on how you use it and who you follow. I don't use it to follow famous people, only to keep in touch with on and offline friends and family. I have no issues. I don't use it as often as others but I have never found it to be toxic but I know it can be.

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Oh yes. I don't use it anymore. I believe I stopped using Facebook in 2014 and I stopped using Twitter in 2019. I gave up on using other accounts on social platforms between those years. I never signed up with tiktok or anything like that either.


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