Do you know anyone ...

Do you know anyone who refused to get the vaccine?  

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Do you have any friends and or family who are refusing to get the vaccine? I feel like so many of my friends and family are refusing it because of BS claims online. 

I got vaccinated a while ago, and so far so good. I don't get the fuss. It's to help protect others. But, it's like they get mad if they can't get their own way. 

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Most people I know who already had COVID are not getting vaccinated. This makes sense to me. They have the immunity for it. There is no reason to get vaccinated. For people who haven't gotten it and are not getting vaccinated, that is their choice. I am indifferent on the subject. I think people should have the freedom to choose and live with their own choices. 

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Several people I know didn't get it and don't want it. I got mine back in March. I am not going to worry about other people. I am protected. If they want to risk things, that is their choice! 

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I really don't talk to people about it. It is not a topic that comes up in my social circle. I think any kind of medical thing be it a shot, medication, or diagnosis is a private matter and people in my life respect each other's privacy. 


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