Do you like to go o...

Do you like to go out dancing?  

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I used to love going out dancing before covid struck. Things are now starting to open again, and I was hoping to go out dancing soon. Does anyone here like to go out dancing? Maybe to a club or just at a bar? 

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Sure, dancing can be fun, especially with friends around to dance with. I don't like going to clubs so much though, because guys are often too creepy at them. 

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I have never been good at dancing. A lot of my friends and family tell me I have two left feet. I kind of got discouraged. The only time I will dance is when I am by myself and in a very happy mood. Going out to dance is a no-no for me! haha

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I'm not great at dancing either, but that's the fun in it. No one cares if you're bad at dancing, it's about you having fun doing it. Who cares if you're not perfect or not that good, you may get some looks, but I bet they'll see someone having fun. 


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