Do you want to have...

Do you want to have children?  

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I am undecided. I do but I don't. Like I love the idea of having a family but I feel like the process to get there is hard. I don't like the sound of birthing a child or dealing with the first several years of their life where they are VERY dependent on me. Maybe I am being selfish? I am not getting any younger though so I really should decide. I don't know if it is a good idea to have children past the age of 30. 

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Yes, I want to have kids! I am focusing on school right now. I will worry about finding the right partner when the time comes. I see nothing wrong with women having children after the age of 30 though. I know in an ideal world, women would be having children from 16 to 26 but we don't live in that kind of society anymore! 

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Mmm to be honest, i don't like children. I know in VN people still have to have a baby after married. But I just wanna have puppies to be my I don't wanna think about having a baby, just wanna enjoy my life in youth 😄

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I think people who don't want children are a bit selfish. They only think about themselves and their own happiness, and don't know how to care for a family. But maybe it's the right thing for them since they don't know how to raise a family, they should not even try it. In the end, those who never wanted children in their 20s-30s-40s will regret it when they are 50+ and can't have children anymore.

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I do but not right now. I want to wait until I am in my 30's. I think that is best for finances, finding the right partner, and having your life sorted out. 


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