Ever had a bad holi...

Ever had a bad holiday experience?  

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Has there ever been a time where you had a bad holiday experience? Maybe you couldn't see family that day, or something bad happened, or your were sick. I for the most part, have had good times for the holidays. The only time I had trouble, was thanksgiving a few years ago. An ex of mine made a fuss about the girl I was dating and wanted to cause a fight at the party we were at. Other than that, nothing major. What about you?

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Once, my parents and I went to a sanatorium in another country to improve our health. It was not a hospital, just every day we had some procedures, after which we could go about our business, walk around the city or take part in the activities of the sanatorium. We lived on the floor where there were several rooms. There was a ping-pong table in the hall, and the children played all the time. Every day. Every hour. Sometimes even at night. I couldn't have a good rest in my room because I constantly heard the sound of a ball bouncing off the table, screams and other noise. There was no way to influence them. They also refused to move us to another room. In the end, we decided to take revenge on them. We ordered our own ping-pong balls and blades, and in the evening we went to play with it for a few hours, we were loud. But it turned out that those children had already left that day! Just in case, I now always carry a few balls with me. Once they came in handy for beer pong!

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