Have you ever gotte...

Have you ever gotten into a serious fight?  

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Back in highschool, I got into a fight with some kid who was bullying me. I ended up knocking him out, and I got in trouble for it. Even though the guy instigated the fight, I got in trouble for defending myself. My dad yelled at the principle explaining what had happened. And he took myself and my brother out of school. It sucked, because I was suspended for 3 days because of it. It was my first offense, so I didn't get into too much trouble. 

Have you ever been in a fight before? 

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Oh no, never! I am not one to like violence. I actually do my best to avoid it. I only once had a girl approach me to fight her and I refused to. I think this was down to her boyfriend having a crush on me. Nothing ever came of it because I will be honest, I hardly even knew who he was! 

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Yes, a few times. Not like you'd think though, it was with my own brother! We used to roughhouse a lot and it got out of hand a few times. Managed to get my nose broken and I broke his wrist. Boy did we get in trouble for that one! 

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I never fight with someone in violence. But one time I and my ex had a serious fight in phone call and that time we stayed up till early in the morning. That made me realized that I shouldn't fall in love with a man such as child. 🙂 


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