How big of a luggag...

How big of a luggage bag do you travel with?  

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In terms of your luggage that needs to be checked in and stored in cargo, what size bag do you travel with? I used to just do a small one that would honestly pass as carry-on luggage but these days I always bring a HUGE suitcase on wheels so I have room to bring home items I had purchased on my stays. 

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I always went with a moderate size luggage bag but I feel like I may do the same as you for my next trip. I end up not being able to buy as much and bring as much home. Having a larger bag would sort this out for me. 

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I am not sure what size it is but it is fairly large. I take a lot with me but I also like to have extra room if I need it. I have to take one with wheels as well as it would be too hard for me to carry such a large suitcase. 

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I'm not sure of the size, but it's quite enormous. I bring a lot, but I also prefer to have extra space in case I need it. 


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