How many pairs of s...

How many pairs of shoes is too many?  

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I was recently talking with a friend who told me he owns 28 pairs of shoes. I couldn't believe it and had him show me. He has like 6 pairs of dress shoes, 4 pairs of boots and the rest are basically all sneakers. A lot of them still looked brand new. I feel like that is too many. I own 5 pairs myself. I have dress shoes, sneakers, nicer sneakers, sandals, and a pair of boots. 

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Even im a girl but im not a fan of collecting shoes. I only have 2 pair of sneakers, 1 sandal, 1 high heel, 1 flip-flop...

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I think I have around 12 pairs. I wear them all and they all have a purpose. Some are more dressy so I wear them to weddings and things like that. I don't have an issue with people owning a lot of shoes so long as they are wearing them. 

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I believe I own between 10 and 15 pairs. I know some people look down on owning multiple pairs but to me, that is nothing. I would say "too many" is when you have over 30 pairs!!


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