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Is 2021 going by to...

Is 2021 going by too fast, or is it just me?  

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I feel like 2021 has gone by way too fast. It's already September and soon enough we'll be heading in 2022. I think it's a combination of the pandemic and the uncertainty of what is to come. Did you feel 2021 went by too fast so far? 

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I feel like the start was slow but then everything really sped up fast. It seems as if we are still only just going into June and it is September already.

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I feel the same as you, a year just spending too much time at home. Though it was not busy much, I still felt too fast...

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It seems to be going normal speed to me. I mean the summers always go by fast and then things slow down a bit, then everything speeds up again in the beginning of the year. At least this is how it is for me.

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It's really too fast, I feel like I haven't done anything yet


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