Other than vpop, wh...

Other than vpop, what music do you enjoy, what artists?  

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I know everyone here likes vpop but what other music do you enjoy? What other artists? I am curious. I am guessing a lot of people enjoy mainstream American music. It seems to be the case anywhere I go. I personally do not like it, especially the rap. It is so trashy. 

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I listen to a bit of this and that. I don't listen to current mainstream music but I enjoy older stuff from 2005 and back. 1995 to 2005 is my sweet spot so anything that was popular then, that is what I enjoy.

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I enjoy Adele, Florence and the Machines, Sia, and music simular to those artists. I also really enjoy LoFi so anytime a vpop artist does a song with LoFi, it makes me so happy! 

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I mostly listen to vpop when it comes to commercial music. I listen to jpop and kpop as well. Outside of this, the music I listen to tends to be music I find through gaming or online "royalty-free" music. 


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