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Welcome to vpopwire!

Who We Are:

vpopwire is actively working to plug the world to Vpop by covering all your new and favorite Vietnamese pop artists, idols, music videos and news in English! We are independently owned and managed by a team of dedicated Vpop fans from all corners of the world.

We aim to be the largest international community for everything Vietnamese pop. Our goal is to bring international awareness to Vpop so that one day it can be world-famous.

We saw an opportunity after realizing that most major Vietnamese entertainment blogs and news outlets were in the Vietnamese language so English-speaking fans had a hard time following the news and felt left out. We want vpopwire to be a place where these fans can call home, to share ideas and discussions about Vpop and Vietnam in general.

Launched in June 2019 as a blog, we have been aggressively growing and are no longer just a blog. We have expanded into other realms where users can sign up and post on message boards!

Our Brand:

Our brand is vpopwire, a merge of two words: "V-pop" + "news wire":


  1. Vietnamese Pop, a music genre covering Vietnamese music from the 1990s to modern-day also called "youth music" (Nhạc trẻ). However, V-pop can also be a term used for EDM, Indie/Underground, R&B/Soul, Pop/Ballad, etc. of Vietnam.

news wire

  1. an electronically transmitted service providing up-to-the-minute news stories and other information.

Contact Us:

Please fill out this form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible: https://www.vpopwire.com/contact-us

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Rules (Blog + Forums)

Since our blog and forums are connected allowing the ability to crosspost between blog and forums, our rules are sitewide. This means that the same rules set forth in this forum topic is also the rules you need to follow when commenting on our blog posts.

Be Nice:

  • Do not harass, insult or attack another user's appearance, personality or opinion.
  • Although the majority of our visits come from United States, English isn't everyone's first language so please be considerate towards those still learning the language. Our second most visits by country is Vietnam and also get many visits from Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Indonesia and India.
  • No inappropriate/sexual language.


  • English and Vietnamese are both allowed throughout the website and forums.


  • Profanity is ok as long as it's not directed to anyone.

No Spamming:

  • No making topics or posts just to solely promote your website link or social media.
  • We have the right to delete your account if we suspect you are a bot.
  • Try to complete a full sentence or two before posting your topics or replies.

No Pornography:

  • No images, links or other content containing full/partial nudity or sexual activities. Anime/Hentai included.

Not Meetups:

  • No using the forums to organize meetups with other users.

No Violence:

  • No images, links or other content containing blood, violence or gore.

No Wishing Death:

  • No wishing death on other people, idols, animals or yourself. No crazy stuff like voodoo dolls.

No Impersonating/Trolling:

  • No impersonating staff, members or idols.
  • No creating topics or replies just to troll, antagonize, get a reaction from, offend or bash other members, a group, fan club, etc.

Guest Posting:

  • We welcome our guests and have allowed guests to reply to posts as long as they provide a name and e-mail address.
  • Guests are required to pass a reCAPTCHA test if they wish to reply to an existing topic.
  • BUT we still think you should register as a member because you'll get to create your own topics, have an avatar, profile and earn Lotus Flowers.

Report A Post:

  • Under each forum post, there is an option to report a post. Please help us keep our forums tidy by reporting posts that you find are breaking the rules outlined here. One of our lovely contributors or admin will review it.


  • Violators will be disciplined or punished through removal of content, Lotus Flower penalties, warnings, temporary or permanent ban.
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Guests are non-registered users who can post on the blog and forums as long as they provide a name and e-mail. They don't have a profile and cannot earn Lotus Flowers. They are restricted from certain features like creating voting polls and must pass a reCAPTCHA security check each time they post.


Members are registered users who make up the general community. They have an avatar, profile and collect Lotus Flowers for their posts and activity. They can follow other members and get notifications when another user replies to their posts.


Contributors are the first line of defense. They help tidy the forums and keep each topic in its right place. They answer the concerns of members and guests. They can also enforce the official rules by closing or deleting topics and post.


Admins are the head supervisor of the general community. They not only watch over the forums but also the entire website. Making sure the website is up 24/7 and running smoothly without any hiccups. They do everything contributors do plus more (ban users, edit posts, etc.).

Topic Popularity

On the left of every topic, there is an icon that indicates how popular the topic is. As each topic receives replies, it will change in color and the thermometer will reach a higher temperature. Hot topics stand out the most because they are orange with a pulse effect.

New - a newly created topic with no replies

Engaging - a topic with at least 1 reply

Trending - a topic with over 10 replies

Popular - a topic with over 25 replies

Hot - a topic with over 40 replies


*If there are too many hot topics, we may change the difficulty in the future.

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Tutorials are a work-in-progress. I will create more when I have free time.


How to change your avatar or cover photo

Hover over your avatar or username at the top right corner and click on "Edit Profile" in the drop down menu or visit this link: https://www.vpopwire.com/user/?um_action=edit

Click on the camera icon to change your avatar/profile photo or click on change your cover photo. You can select a pre-defined cover photo from library or upload your own.

How to select cover photo from library

To select a cover photo from library, just click the Change your cover photo and click "Select from library".

Beautiful images of Vietnam brought to you by Unsplash will be pre-loaded. You can also search for an image from their database at the top left corner. Select the image you like and click Apply.

How to view your notifications

When you receive a notification, a red blinking bubble with the number of new notifications will show up near the notification bell at the top right of every page as seen here:

Mouse over the bell or user menu to view the last 5 notifications or click on the bell to view your entire list of notifications. The new notifications will be listed at the top in a heavier font. You can click on each notification so it can send you to the forum reply or profile of the user who viewed your profile.

How to clear your notifications

To clear notifications, mouse over each new notification until the bold font disappears. You can also click the x close button on the right.

How to change your account, privacy and notifications settings

To change your account settings, go to the User menu at the top right of every page. A drop down menu will show up. Just click on "My Account". This is where you can edit all your account settings like e-mail, password, privacy and notifications.

How to follow/unfollow a member

To follow or unfollow a member, just go to their profile and you will see the follow button below the cover photo to the right. Only members can follow/unfollow each other.


How to add a new forum topic

To add a new topic, simply click the big orange "Add topic" button and select the forum you wish to post your topic in.

The Cafe - All casual discussions here
Vpop - Discuss anything related to Vietnamese pop music, culture and Vietnam's showbiz
Vietnam Q&A - Have a question about Vietnam's food, people, traditions, customs and culture? Ask away to your heart's content!
Vietnam Travel - Travel discussions for Vietnam (flights, hotels, tours, etc). Plan your perfect trip to Vietnam or get travel advice here!
Learn English / Tiếng Việt - Practice your English or Vietnamese here with others / Luyện tiếng Anh hoặc tiếng Việt tại đây
Artist Threads (subforum) - Follow and discuss your favorite Vpop artists and Vietnamese celebrities here!

After selecting the forum, you need to fill out a Topic Title and the content of your topic. Topic tags are optional but can help other users find your topic easier. You can add up to 3 tags in your topic. When done, just click "Add topic". If you are a guest, you will need to pass the Google reCAPTCHA check.

How to create a voting poll

After clicking on Add topic button, fill out the Topic Title, Topic Body and click on the "Create Poll" link found below:

Fill out the voting poll question and input the options for the poll. You can allow users to select multiple choices and also close the poll after x days. If you need to add more options, just click the "Add Option" button. You can add up to 15 options maximum.

How to reply to a forum post

There are two ways to reply on the forums. The first option is replying to the topic, which you will need to scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will see "Leave a reply" like this:

Just fill out the field and click "Add Reply".

The second option to is by replying to a post within a topic (nested replies). Just click the "Reply" button on the bottom left of the post you wish to reply to as seen here:

How to embed YouTube videos or Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok posts?
Just copy and paste the link inside of your post and when you add the topic or add a reply, it will show up as a video or embedded social media post automatically. Previewing your post may not show up properly but it will after posting.

How to like and unlike a forum post

To like or unlike a post, you can go to the bottom left corner of the forum post and click the thumbs up icon. You can only unlike a post if you've already liked it. To keep the community flowing with positivity, we do not provide a way to dislike a post.

How to quote someone on the forums

You can quote someone on the forums by simply highlighting the words you want to quote and clicking on the quote icon as seen below:

Or you can quote the entire post by clicking on the quote icon on the bottom right of every post:

How to preview your forum post or save draft

To preview your forum post before actually posting it, you can click the preview link at the bottom left corner when you're composing your post as seen below. You can also Save Draft to publish it later:

How to subscribe to a forum topic to receive new replies in your e-mail

To subscribe to a topic and receive e-mails for every new forum reply within a particular topic, just click on the Subscribe for new replies link at the top left of the forum topic.

or scroll to the bottom of the page where the Leave a reply box is and click the checkbox "Subscribe to this topic" before adding a reply.


How to view last post of forum topic from forum homepage

To quickly access the last post for a topic from the forum home page, just click on the tiny profile pic to the right of each topic as seen below:

How to quickly scroll down page to leave a forum reply

What if the post is so long and you don't want to scroll to the bottom of the page with your mouse scroll? Just click on the Last Post link at the top of each topic to quickly scroll down to the bottom of the page and Leave a reply.

How to report a post that violates our rules

If you see a post violating our rules, please don't hesitate to report it using the report icon on the top right corner of the post. Thank you for helping us keep our community clean.

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