What age do you con...

What age do you consider to be "old"?  

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Some younger people these days seem to think that being "old" is anything beyond 30 which I do not understand. I grew up considering people to be old when they hit 60. So many people in their 50s get along just fine and are more active than some people in their teens and 20 somethings. 

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I think old is just a word. I am in my 30s and I feel like a teen kid yet. Still have the same interests, hobbies, and talk the same way I did back when I was a teen. I feel like a kid at heart. 

I think old is when you can't go anymore, when your body is just had enough. You can be well into your 80s and be physically active and live an active life. It just depends how well you take care of yourself up to that point. 

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What is considered a senior these days? I don't even know. I do know people who are in their older years and are very active and young at heart so I think there is a difference between being old in number and being old physically and mentally. 

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For me, I would say I will likely start to feel old when I hit 50 but who knows. My friend's mother had her at an older age and she is in her 50's and still acts like she is in her 30s. Looks it too!


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