What is your dating...

What is your dating range?  

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In terms of people who you date, what ages do you often go for? 

I tend to stay within 10 years. I will date 5 years younger or 5 years older than my age but never any less or any more. I find that it is the sweet spot. If you date someone too much younger than yourself, you won't have much in common and the same with someone who is too much older. 

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I like younger girls because they fit my personality more. I don't like serious girls, they ruin my mood so I tend to go for girls who are like 18-21. I'm 27 right now.

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I don't really care about numbers so long as they are adult and mature. I have met some very mature 20-year-olds and some very immature 30-year-olds. I am 25. I don't really put a range on things.

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I don't care much about the ages, I just care the feeling for each other. But mm I think being a girl, I will not date with a man who younger than me or even same my age. I turned to 21 now. And I wanna date with a man who older than me about 6-7 years. But honestly the mature is not depend on ages. 


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