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What kind of styles...

What kind of styles are popular in Vietnam?  

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What kind of styles would you say are popular in Vietnam? From hairstyle, to fashion and so on. I'm a simple person. A slim t-shirt, jeans and and a nice pair of converse shoes. :) 

What about you?

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I imagine a lot of American style. American style seems to go all over the world, and people seem to take that on pretty much everywhere. Vietnamese have their own style, but it often matches the American style. 

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Yeah, to my understanding, Vietnam is inspired by American style, but they also kind of mix in their own styles to make it more their own. If anything, I think the Vietnamese have better style than Americans. :D 

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My style depends on my mood but mostly you saw me in a trouser, loose t-shirt and sneakers or flippers, I get all my footwear from Nunn Bush now they offer more than 40% discount on their entire store by adding Nunn Bush Coupon Codes at your final shopping cart, checkout their store to explore more of their shoe collection.

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This is increasingly popular in Vietnam :


New hot trend : Traditional Vietnamese dresses increasingly popular among young Vietnamese :



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