What movies have yo...

What movies have you watched recently?  

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I've been on a movie kick as of late, just got done watching the Joker, thought it was okay, but a bit overrated. I also caught the newest Wrong Turn movie, which was surprisingly better than I expected. 

But, what movies have you watched recently? Feel free to talk about them here. :) 

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I didn't see the Joker up until a few weeks ago. I like to wait until the hype is completely over a movie. I think it was long enough that I could get a feel for myself and I think you are right, it is a bit overrated. It was a good movie but nothing special. I think this might be the last movie I watched. 

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I watched A Quiet Place with a few friends. I think it came out like 2 or 3 years ago. It is a decent horror movie but nothing too special. I wouldn't care to watch it again. Just one of those movies that are okay for a one-time watch.

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I went to see Dune with a friend and was bored out of my mind. We left before the movie ended. It has been a while since I saw a newer movie. I wish I had gone to see something else! 


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