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Would you ever live...

Would you ever live in a simulation?  

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VR (virtual reality) is becoming a huge thing, and I think soon enough, we're going to be able to immerse ourselves in simulated and fake worlds. We only need a VR headset, maybe create a vr motion suit and a vr device to move on. Well that omni directional controller thing is real, that could be used. 

Anyway, would you live in a virtual world like this? 

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Like in a VR headset and all that? I don't think I would, at least not for too long. VR isn't meant to be played for long hours yet. The headset will make most people tire out after playing a while. That's what I hear anyway. I hear it can be tiring to use a vr headset for long hours. 

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I think it'd be fun to play games in VR like this, but idk if I would actually live in a vr world for long. I know too well how they can be, as I got a headache for playing too long. 

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I don't think I could. I prefer real life way more than I do anything relating to being fake. It's a fun concept and I think many will benefit from it, but for me, it's not really my thing. 

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I think I only would if I'm all alone. But even then I don't know if it would be something I would enjoy for long. idk, real life just feels better imo. 


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