7 Charming Destinat...

7 Charming Destinations in Vietnam for Your Next Romantic Getaway  

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Love is in the air. It's that special time of year when you get to spend quality one-on-one time with your significant other and really focus on each other for the next few weeks or months. Sometimes it can be hard to find a destination that feels like home, but luckily there are plenty of charming destinations in Vietnam for your next romantic getaway. Hoi An credit: Pete Walls This Unesco World Heritage town is…

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I'm so ready to pack up my bags and book a ticket right now.

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Lovely post! I especially loved the part about Dalat. My brother used to live in Da Lat, and he always raved about it. He told me that it was so beautiful that it made his girlfriend cry. I agree with you: the mountains are incredible!

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Love posts like this that shine a spotlight on places a lot of people may overlook.

That being said... I would LOVE to visit Hanoi in the near future. That place just looks utterly photogenic! 

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I went to Vietnam with my partner a few years ago, and we had a blast. I'm not sure if it was the food, the culture, the sights, or what but something about that country just made us want to do it all again. We were already planning our next trip before we even left!

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A lot of people overlook Vietnam for a romantic VK and I never understood why. I have a friend at work whose wife has family there so they decided after they got married, they would have their honeymoon in Vietnam and have a second wedding for her family while they were there. They are planning on going back now every 5 years.

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Hoian is one of the first places I traveled with my parents. It was really peaceful

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I still find it funny that people would rather go to France for a romantic trip than consider beautiful places like this. I was in France 5 years ago or so and that place is dirty! 


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