Can you travel via ...

Can you travel via private plane?  

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One thing I've always wondered, could I fly private instead of through traditional airlines? I have a cousin who has his own airplane and I'm considering asking if he could fly us to Vietnam. Would this be possible?  

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If one can afford a private jet then it can be used for traveling in Vietnam. 

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Yep it's possible. That's cool about your cousin owning a private plane. You would of course have to obey the air laws and control centre and things like that but you are able to fly private plane for sure if you can afford it.

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It would be cool to travel to Vietnam in a private plane. I'd probably be more scared because of how small they are compared to what you get with airlines. But yeah, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to fly one, considering the pilot needs to be certified and have his license I imagine. 


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