Have you ever taken...

Have you ever taken a pet?  

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I don't know if this has been asked before. I have taken my little dog with me a few places before but never to Vietnam. I am considering it for my next trip. I think he would love it out there. Anyone here travel to Vietnam with a pet before?

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I have thought about doing it but I would be too nervous. If they get loose and I don't find them before leaving, I would have lost them forever. I feel too uneasy as it is with them going missing locally. I wouldn't be able to relax traveling with a beloved pet. 

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I would love to someday but I would really have to prepare myself for it. I don't know how people travel with young children much less pets! It has to be hard worrying about them all the time. Like Boo_chan mentioned if they go missing they can be gone for good!

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I have on a few trips. Nothing too far though. I have never taken a pet to Vietnam. I am not sure I would want to unless I was staying for several months. The longest I have gone was 12 days.


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