Looks like travel i...

Looks like travel is going to open up soon  

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This is great news, I guess flights are going to be opening up for Vietnam travel near the end of November. I can't wait, because I've been hoping to travel to Vietnam asap. Maybe early next year I can travel out there. 

Source - https://www.travelmole.com/news/air/vietnam-airlines-to-start-first-flights-to-us-this-month/

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A friend of mine is already planning his trip. I was going to go as I have wanted to see some family but I am going to have to wait until next year. Things are too up in the air and I don't want to risk getting stuck there for any reason. 

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I am so glad to see things returning to normal for a lot of people. It sucks we are still dealing with the mess of 2020 though. I feel like as we approach the 2 year mark, almost everything will be normal again.

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hopefully, the pandemic will be completely removed so that everything will return to normal. And welcome tourists as well as those who go far away to Vietnam.

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Seems like things are going back and forth. Like in Sweden and Africa, they don't have a single lick of a problem right now but then you look to places like Australia and Austria, and you have to wonder. 


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